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Scrub Ninjas® The first ever MCAT & High School AP Test Prep Video Game! Conquer your exam by playing an action-packed video game designed to make learning fun. Our content is tailor-made for the MCAT & AP Exams (A full range of high yield questions like the actual exam) based on the content guidelines from the AAMC.

Awaken the mind with the Scrub Ninjas® and arm yourself with epic surgical infused ninja weapons. This visually stimulating game will help you retain high yield content and increase your hand-eye coordination at the same time, so game on Ninjas!

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Screenshots & Overview

Here is a quick overview of the game. Choose your ninjas, Akahana (female) or Benjirou (male). Then browse through our battle arenas! The Scalpel’s Sunset Gate, Cursed Shurken Lake, The Surgical Dojo and Necropsy Shores. 

After you have chosen your ninja, and battle arena, you will head to the surgical armory, and choose from a wide array of Japanese infused surgical weapons.

Featuring the sacred surgical axe, post mortem kama, and the Naginata to name a few!

The next step is choosing your mask, inspired by the sacred artistry of traditional Japanese masks like the Kabuki, and Anbu.

When you have armed your ninja, you are ready to play! Depending on which game or bundle you purchased, your screen will open to a levels and sections screen.

Choose wisely, and game on ninjas! Medical school awaits you! 

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