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MCAT 2018 New Topic List and Changes

The AAMC launched a new MCAT exam in April 2015. Last revised in 1991, the exam has been updated to reflect the changes in medicine and science and to test examinees on not only what they know but how well they use what they know. (Source:

MCAT 2018 Topics List MCAT PREP
MCAT Biology Review

#1 MCAT Biology

Topics Covered:

Biotechnology, circulatory system, DNA, digestive system, embryology, endocrine system, eukaryotic cell, evolution, genetics, immune system, lymphatic system, muscular system, nervous system, prokaryotes vs. eukaryotes, reproductive system, respiratory system, skeletal system, skin system and viruses.

Differences: New & Removed

Newly Added: Biotechnology

Removed: Bone growth and bone generation, origin of life and pedigree analysis.

MCAT Biology Biochemistry Review

#2 MCAT Biochemistry

Topics Covered:

Amino acids, bioenergetics, carbohydrates, citric acid cycle, enzymes, gluconeogenesis, glycolysis, lipids and lipid metabolism, metabolic regulation, nucleotides and nucleic acids, oxidative phosphorylation, pentose phosphate pathway, peptides, proteins, protein structure and function.

Differences: New & Removed

Newly Added: Gluconeogenesis, lipid metabolism, pentose phosphate pathway as well as more advanced enzyme kinetics (Kd, Ka, kcat, Ki, IC50)

MCAT Physics Review

#3 MCAT Physics

Topics Covered:

Atomic and chemical behavior, atoms, circuit elements, electromagnetic radiation, electrical circuits, electronic structure, electrostatics, energy, equilibrium, fluids, force,light,magnetism, matter,nuclear decay, optics, periodic motion, sound, thermodynamics, translational motion and work.

Differences: New & Removed

Removed: Alternating current, circular motion, momentum, periodic motion (springs & pendulums), solids (density, elastic properties, etc.) and wave characteristics (exception: spring potential energy).

MCAT Review Chemistry

#4 MCAT Organic Chemistry 

Topics Covered: 

Acid derivatives, alcohols, aldehydes and ketones, carboxylic acids, hybridization, key functional groups/compounds, mass spectrometry, molecular structure and absorption spectra, nomenclature, nucleophilic substitution (not elimination), phenols, polycyclic and heterocyclic aromatic compounds, separations and purifications, and stereochemistry.

Differences: New & Removed

New: Polycyclic and heterocyclic aromatic compounds, phenols

Removed: Simple organic compounds (e.g. alkanes, alkenes, alkynes), ethers (note: technically, alkenes, alkynes and ethers have not been on the AAMC official topic list since 2003), amines, acyl halides, recrystallization

MCAT Chemistry Review

#5 MCAT General Chemistry 

Topics Covered:

Acid/base equilibria, covalent bond, electrochemistry, equilibrium, gas phase, intermolecular forces, ions in solutions, kinetics, liquid phase, molecules, molecular structure, solubility, stoichiometry, thermochemistry, titration, and water.

Differences: New & Removed

New: Phase Equilibria (however, phase diagrams can still be tested)

MCAT Psychology Review

#6 MCAT Psychology & Sociology 

Topics Covered:

Attention, attitudes, beliefs, biological and social factors that affect behavior, cognition, consciousness, culture, emotion, health and healthcare disparities, language, memory, motivation, perception, personality, poverty, prejudice and bias, psychological, psychological disorders, self and identity formation, sensory processing, social class, social mobility, stereotypes, stress, stratification, and the senses.

Differences: New & Removed

New: All topics in psychology and sociology